LOVOO began focusing it’s mobile and performance marketing in late 2013 using various channels such as Facebook, Twitter and AdWords to drive brand awareness and high quality mobile downloads across their core markets in the UK, EU, and Brazil.

As a leading social discovery app, LOVOO saw great potential in using these channels, especially Facebook and Twitter, for increasing registrations and downloads. However, Twitter still lacked a simplified solution to download the app, which meant LOVOO was not fully meeting its download and registration potential.


In May 2014, when Twitter released its beta version of the Image App Card feature for Promoted Tweets, LOVOO decided to test it to see if the new promotional suite would actually improve their performance marketing mix. For one month, LOVOO analyzed how the new Image App Cards affected their CPI, installs and registrations, and user re-engagement. LOVOO’s internal performance marketing team in Berlin measured the analytics against past Twitter advertising campaigns and similar campaigns running on other channels to find out how well the new ads performed in their given markets.


Though the one-click feature of the Twitter Image App Card played a key role in the success of LOVOO’s Twitter campaigns, it is not the only element that was considered. LOVOO’s strategy relies highly on tailoring and targeting for specific markets, which also makes their analysis of the new Twitter promotional suite very accurate.

  1. Tailor your creative– What the ad looks like makes all the difference for the audience you are trying to reach. It can be gender-centric, localized or even interest specific, but the most important thing to remember is that these ads should be attractive.
  2. Target your audience– Using keywords or geo-targeting can directly specify who should see the promoted tweets and optimize them for certain user groups.
  3. Keep it easy– The Image App Card simplified the process of accessing the app, making it possible to download LOVOO without even leaving Twitter and people who already have the app are reintroduced to what they were missing.


In just 3 weeks, LOVOO saw a drastic change in their Twitter success. Their Twitter CPI outperformed all of LOVOO’s other performance marketing channels by 50% and the cost per install decreased by a whopping 92.1% in relation to Promoted Tweets without the Image App Card feature.

“We use the whole mix of marketing, but Twitter helped in a very short time with a dramatically better performance than on other channels. The unique value we’ve seen in scalability while still achieving the CPA targets as we increased brand awareness,” says André Kempe, LOVOO’s Head of Performance Marketing in Berlin.

The new mobile app promotion also led to a 95.8% install increase, which LOVOO credits to the one click link to the App Store. But not only did installs improve, registrations of engaged users shot up by 95.4%- nearly double that of other channels.