With much of the world suffering from financial problems, it is understandable that more and more people are looking for ways to either make an additional income or find a way to earn a living online.

Affiliate marketing has however changed a great deal, gone are the days where you could put a site online for it to get traffic and ranked with very little work.

Now there is not only more competition but changes in search engine algorithms, changes that can take a site that is position one and drop it completely from the search results.

So what are the top five challenges that new publishers may face when looking to make some money online?

1. Keeping the Motivation

Keeping motivation up in the early stages of affiliate marketing can be very hard. Depending on the niche it can take several months to start making sales and even longer to make consistent sales.

The amount of initial work put into the site and lack of instant results can cause many new publishers to lose motivation and eventually give up on their site.

It does take time to get started, however if affiliates can manage to stick with it they should start to see positive results.
Every publisher remembers their first sale, as it is such an amazing feel, it is a great way to boost the publisher’s motivation realising it is possible to make money online.

2. Negative Thoughts About Online Marketing

Adverts on making money online have been around almost as long as the internet, many of these were known as scams and this painted a pretty bad picture of many legitimate ways of making money online.

Online marketing has a high turn-around of people that eventually give up, resulting in a lot of negativity.

The fact that there are these negative comments on the internet can often put doubt in new publishers minds as to whether or not it is actually possible to make money from online marketing.

3. Spreading Yourself Too Thin

When working with publishers in the past, I have always recommended they focus on one site at a time. The reason behind this is that 100% of their concentration can go on that site and getting it ranked. If they were to work on multiple sites, their attention is divided meaning it will take more time to get each site performing.

4. Too Much Information

When starting a new venture such as online marketing, it is important to get a grasp of what needs to be done in terms of getting a site online and marketing it. The problem is the internet is full of different guides, some publishers tend to spend more of their time reading than actually doing.

It is very common for many publishers to over-read as they do not want to make any mistakes, whereas it is the mistakes that we make that allow us to learn from them and not repeat them on future sites.

It is therefore a good idea for publishers to do some initial learning and then learn by doing.

5. Search Engine Updates

This has got to be the top challenge that all publishers will face at some point in their online marketing careers. Search engines will often update the search results to determine which sites appear first, this can either make or break a website.

Publishers will find themselves relying on search engines to determine if their site deserves to be on the top spot for their selected keyword(s), if it does not it could find the sites position being lowered which may result in less traffic.

As you can see there are some challengers that new and old publishers may face, it is important to remember that with a lot of time and work it is possible to be successful at internet marketing.

You should not let any of these challenges prevent you from exploring the world of internet marketing.