Of all the various communications channels available to marketers in France, the online segment was the only one to experience growth in the first half of 2014.

In research released by internet ads union SRI, media-buying union UDECAM and consultancy firm PwC, online marketing communication increased 3% and contributed to €1.4 billion in net revenue.

Search holds the number one spot for digital channel performance thanks to its 5% growth. Turnover of €867 was recorded in the first six months and made up a 58% share of France’s cumulative online ad revenue.

Other channels have suffered compared to search because of changes in their markets. Affiliate revenue decreased by 9% to €106 million, whereas email’s net total of €51 million has dropped 5% for the same period.

Display revenue on the rise

Like search, display too has made some gains. While its 4% increase is not quite as large, it still saw revenue of €394 million and made up 27% of the online advertising marketing in France.

Display was split into three categories, conventional, special operations and video, which for a relatively new sub-channel already makes up 23% of display revenue with H1 earnings of €91 million.

As with most other European countries, mobile in France has benefited from a growing amount spend being siphoned into the channel. A net investment of €136 million accounted for 10% of digital ad spend.

PwC’s detailed report also drilled down into real-time bidding, where it noted growth of 49% on the first half of 2013 and a 22% share of the overall display market thanks towith its €84.7 million in revenue.