We at PerformanceIN love a good success story. That is why each month our research takes us from country to country in search of promising new startups that demonstrate originality, innovation and the talent to stand out in our highly competitive industry.

The ‘Ones to Watch’ series provides a brief glimpse into the types of companies that are set to make big waves in the world of performance marketing. This time, we are casting our nets wide over Europe as we present some of the continent’s hottest prospects in the mobile sector.

With such a vast area to cover, we have targeted companies which are most relevant to our audience – to the extent that you might even consider integrating them into your business.




  • Founded: July, 2013
  • By: Patrick Leddy
  • Employees: 9

Our first comes from the capital of Ireland, home of Facebook and Google’s international headquarters, among a few other names from the Bookmarks tab.

Dublin-based Pulsate is the brainchild of Patrick Leddy, founder of world leading mobile strategists Furious Tribe, and is described as an ‘end-to-end marketing platform for the physical world’. When implemented into the back of any brand’s app, Pulsate allows retailers to deliver context-related offers to individual consumer’s phones, using information generated and stored by its micro-context ‘beacons’ and cloud platform.

Customers are also able to reply to messages; creating a direct dialogue, providing feedback, and keeping complaints away from social media.

As Pulsate’s beacon technology allows for its clients to target specific areas including street-level, or even competitors stores, how long will it be before high street shopper cyber-poaching becomes just another obstacle for retailers?

Find them on Twitter: @PulsateHQ




  • Founded: June, 2013
  • By: Kim Kirkegaard, Simon Engelbrecht

A stone’s throw from Kastellet, the last of Copenhagen’s ancient city defences, is the headquarters of Mofomo, the app store for APIs; a cloud marketplace that hosts, manages and sells third-party services and data.

Targeted at web and mobile developers, the Danish company claims its users can be up and running in two minutes, with no contract, and on a non-subscription, pay-per-request basis.

Mofomo has yet to launch, but confirmed features include SMS Gateway, Two-Step Verification, Device Detection, Number Validation, and Network Detection, with more to be announced.

Find them on Twitter:  @WeAreMofomo




  • Founded: September, 2013
  • By: Lukasz Anwajler, Kamil Rejent
  • Employees: 5

Qualitative data seems to be a thing of the past, but from Warsaw in Poland comes mobile and web app Survicate, which gains deep insight into the workings of websites by tracking visitors and surveying them with non-invasive, highly targeted widgets. Combining this data with browsing history and third-party sources allows for detailed profile-building, which can be used to target, adjust and automate calls-to-action at critical moments of the conversion process.

Survicate integrates with apps including Google Analytics (with CRM and Marketing Automation Systems announced to follow), enriching them with qualitative data, and giving its customers actionable knowledge, leading ultimately to increased conversions and sales.

Find them on Twitter: @Survicate





  • Founded: November, 2013
  • By: Joachim Bengtsson
  • Funding: $2.2M

Founded in Sweden late last year by Spotify’s then iOS lead developer, the idea for Lookback came to Joachim Bengtsson after hearing his fellow designers complain that user experience was impossible to measure on mobile devices. Bengtsson’s response was to create Lookback, a software plugin allowing developers to record on-screen browsing activity within mobile apps. The technology even enables phone cameras and microphones to record the user (with their permission), in order to explain in the issue they have come across.

In March, Lookback announced $2.2 million in seed-funding, and now boasts several thousand clients including Yammer, Venmo, King.com, and – of course – Spotify itself.

Find them on Twitter: @lookback




  • Founded: December, 2013
  • By: Branimir Ivanov, Borislav Gizdov
  • Funding: $69.5k

AdTapsy is a mobile ad revenue accelerator from Bulgaria, and offers a simple way for mobile app developers to monetise their products. Implemented by a drag and drop of AdTapsy’s software development kit and a couple of lines of code, the program  incorporates seven of the highest paying mobile ad networks including Admob, Inmobi and Revmob.

AdTapsy employs a ‘sophisticated algorithm’ to ensure maximum fill rates, while networks are circulated automatically, meaning every ad is followed by an impression. The technology’s dashboard also enables users to view reports on data such as total ad requests, clicks, CTRs and fill rates.

AdTapsy’s service is free to use, but will display its own ad every tenth impression.

Find them on Twitter: @adtapsy

That’s it for July, but in the upcoming month we will be listening out for the newest, most exciting names emerging from the United Kingdom. We would like this to be a collaborative project, so if you have a tip-off, or know a company that deserves a little recognition, please leave a comment below, tweet us, or email us at content@performancein.com.