Total revenue for the global mobile media and advertising industry is set to pass $90 billion by 2018, a significant increase on 2014’s $53 billion.

In a new report, information and insights company IHS has also forecasted that mobile advertising will become the leading mobile business model, overtaking paid content revenues as soon as 2015.

Despite the meteoric rise of mobile ad revenue, IHS still expects in-app purchases to remain the main revenue stream for developers. Mobile search will continue being higher than display advertising revenues too.

Japanese consumers spend more

The UK is still far from being the most successful mobile content market, with average content revenues of $12 per subscriber in 2013. It was bettered by $15 in the US, $21 in South Korea and $40 in Japan.

IHS reached these figures by analysing the total mobile content spend of mobile subscribers, which included music, video, apps and games. It also compared how companies make revenue from mobile.

Amazon is showing itself to be a leader in making revenue from its mobile users. The online retailer is currently generating more than $350 from each of its active customers.