Germany-based wywy is looking to capitalise on consumers’ penchant for using mobile devices while watching television with the announcement of its purchase for Second Screen Networks.

Second Screen Networks’ technology, which synchronises advertisements that have been broadcast on TV with mobile devices and websites, was likely the main reason for its acquisition by the cross-screen ad-tracking company.

After closing the deal, wywy revealed that part of the plan involved the opening of its first US office in New York City, where it will offer cross-screen advertising and TV analytics services to clients in North America.

Advertisers and media buyers with access to wywy’s LiveSync will find it now supports over 200 US TV channels. The LiveSync tool detects a TV commercial and then simultaneously serves a relevant ad to a consumer’s mobile device.

TV-influenced site personalisation

SiteSync, another utility in wywy’s bundle, is similar to LiveSync. However instead of serving up ads, the products promoted through TV are displayed on the same advertiser’s website for a pre-defined period after the ad has finished airing.

US clients will also have access to wywy’s tracking, which is fully compatible with Google Analytics. One of its main boasts is the ability to let advertisers measure a cross-channel campaign’s impact while adjusting their strategy based on the results they are seeing.

Second screening has seen a meteoric rise of late, with wywy’s own research showing that nearly half of mobile device owners will browse the internet while watching their favourIte TV show.