Analytics company Metamarkets has taken the wraps off its shiny new real-time platform for programmatic advertising.

The company states that its new technology enables exchanges such as Millennial Media, MobPro, MoPub, OpenX and Smaato to visualise billions of events instantaneously so they can be shared with clients and partners.

Until now, analytics platforms for programmatic display exchanges have not provided the most timely of feedback to advertisers and their clients, according to Mike Driscoll, Metamarkets’ CEO.

“In a space where hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads can be bought in an instant, there’s a significant advantage for those who can see the results immediately instead of waiting hours or days,” he said.

Data processing

The platform uses in-memory database technology to scan vast amounts of data, which Metamarkets says can reach thousands of petabytes a day. Drawbridge CEO Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan thinks this is a big plus.

“As an active buyer across every major mobile exchange, the ability to understand how each campaign is doing in real time is a huge advantage when measuring cross-device performance for our clients,” he stated.

According to research by the IAB, covered by PerformanceIN, programmatic advertising now accounts for 28% of display ad spend in the UK and is set to rise very quickly, suggesting demand for platforms of this ilk will grow too.