Digital marketing agency NetBooster has launched a new department to grow its consultancy, implementation and management of data and technology solutions outside of the UK.

In a statement to press, Kristoffer Ewald, group director of data intelligence & analytics at the NetBooster Group, hinted that the data department has been in the offing for quite some time.

“We have been following the vision of user-centric and data driven digital advertising for the last 24 months and are very proud to present our “DnA team” to the public, along with exciting new client wins.”

Euro team

Consisting of 29 data analysts, data scientists and analytics professionals, NetBooster’s new global endeavour has already attracted clients such as Argos, Scout24 and Karavel Group, which includes Promovacances, Leaving cheap and AB cruise.

The department will be split across the UK, France, Germany and Denmark. Its responsibilities will include developing data and technology-driven, user-centric digital strategies along with screening and supporting decision making on data and technology solutions.

They will also build strong attribution models to enable more efficient media spend in addition to implementing advanced analytics, CRM (customer relationship management), DMP (data management plan) and Data Technology like Google Analytics Premium, Eulerian, AT Internet and more.