Online shoppers have been exposed as a group who take their time before making a purchase, but one study is claiming that interactive banner ads can speed up this process.

According to data from Rakuten Marketing’s display ad arm, Rakuten MediaForge, engagement with banner placements results in 44% faster conversions over the web, shaving precious time off the 233 hours it takes the average customer to arrive at the checkout.

The lengthy decision-making process has been pinned to customers making “increasingly considered” actions while shopping over the web.

The waiting game

Aside from claiming that users who click on interactive banner ads convert up to 44% faster than those who do not, the study also revealed that the desktop PC – considered obsolete in some shopping studies – is the best device for boosting conversions.

Transactions were most likely to be made on static computers, while tablets – thought to be representing the future of e-commerce – weighed in with just 10% of all conversions.

Regardless of the device, Rakuten still warned brands that customers are taking longer to purchase a product after first being targeted by an ad. The average online shopper will see a company’s advert 2-3 times before deciding whether or not to buy what they have on offer.

Commenting on the findings, Rakhee Jogia, director of display at Rakuten Marketing, claims it is now up to retailers to think laterally when targeting users in order to speed up the buying process.

“With sales taking place across numerous channels, over a number of days, it has become ever more challenging for brands to keep the interest of distracted consumers,” said Jogia.

“With the help of data insights and more creative placements, brands can deliver display campaigns that increase conversion levels.”