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TRUSTe Mobile App Lets Consumers Control Targeted Ads
Image Credit  Patrick Stahl Creative Commons license

TRUSTe Mobile App Lets Consumers Control Targeted Ads


Consumers can now manage their ad privacy settings using a new app released by data privacy management company TRUSTe.

Available for iOS and Android operating systems, the app allows users to inform advertisers of the type of ads they want to see, which can be done through the AdChoices icon.

Advertisers will be encouraged to learn that despite being given the option to lock down the behavioural data they share, nine in ten consumers chose not to opt out of targeted ads.

Popular display verticals

Of the 90% who chose to share their interests when TRUSTe ran initial field tests, 50% selected multiple interests and 80% of those selected categories of interests that they liked and disliked.

Technology, games, news, travel and health were the top five categories consumers decided to receive ads about, whereas dating, auto, career, finance and education were their least favourite.

TRUSTe also has plans for an imminent update that will incorporate an ad relevance score to inform a consumer of how accurate their advertising experience is and how their choices impact this rating.

If a consumer decides to opt out of interest-based ads, they will be given a lower ad-relevance score compared to a higher rating if they decide to share more interests with advertisers.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

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