The majority of UK advertisers are looking to learn more about real-time ad buying after highlighting room for improvement in their knowledge of the model.

Techniques like programmatic trading are creating huge waves around the UK ad industry, but a new survey reveals that their potential user base in the UK is far from up to speed with how the technology works.

With most UK advertisers remaining uncertain about the emergence of real time and the use of software to purchase ad space, program developers have been urged to ensure that every message is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Real time – real struggle?

Conducted by UK advertiser association ISBA in partnership with Infectious Media, a specialist in the delivery of real-time ad campaigns, results from the study show that just 38% of advertisers are aware of the companies offering services like programmatic buying.

Only a third of advertisers are admitting to having a “positive perception” over the real-time approach. Furthermore, only half of the respondents admitted to having entry-level knowledge of this way of buying ad space.

Yet the fact that 96% intend to learn more about this model could turn the figures around.

Not only this, 76% of UK advertisers are adamant of real time’s impending rise to prominence and are backing it to gain more attention in future campaigns.

New guidance

Speaking in the lead up to a June 20 release for the ISBA’s new guidance on real-time buying, David Ellison, the group’s marketing services manager, confirmed that UK advertisers are displaying an interest in learning about the new way of acquiring ad space.

“Despite the uncertainty one thing is very clear though, the vast majority believe RTA (real-time advertising) will feature more strongly in future campaigns and the appetite for learning is strong,” he commented.