Clients of US-based tech firm Artisan and its Mobile Experience Management (MEM) platform will now be able to create campaigns within their mobile apps without the use of a separate program.

The company has bolstered its flagship product with campaign management capabilities, allowing users to perform tasks like content publishing and ad placement with the same tool they use to review their analytics.

According to Artisan, this takes the MEM platform closer to the tools enterprises use to manage their websites.


Now offering a more unified approach, Artisan’s improved solution will boast a range of new features. These include software for creating custom workflows, allowing users to automate their marketing programs, as well as in-app messaging.

There is also a ‘Marketing Billboard’ function which enables virtual signage to be placed around a program for use as designated content areas. Then, whenever a marketer purchases ad space from the app developer, their messages can be put up without delay.

Such additions will now feature alongside the existing analytics and optimisation tools in platform’s new-look interface.

Artisan hopes the tweaks will enhance MEM’s tailoring capabilities while making it easier for designers to launch new products, broadcast special offers and perform other activities.

Some of the company’s clients include fashion giant Urban Outfitters, route planner Mapquest and shopping club Rue La La.