Social media analytics firm Socialbakers has made what it considers to be an important step towards becoming a market leader in the US by purchasing EdgeRank Checker, a fellow social media measurement company.

Boosted by the $26 million earned in a recent funding round from Index Ventures, the company has looked to bolster its presence on Facebook with the acquisition of a provider of social analytics for the site’s News Feed.

EdgeRank Checker’s operations are currently based in Chicago, but the firm along with its extensive client portfolio are set to be transferred to Socialbakers as the latter sets its sights on US domination.

EdgeRank Checker

A known trendsetter in the niche of Facebook analytics, EdgeRank Checker was one of the very first companies to seek use of the site’s real-time insights when they were released midway through 2012.

This addition enabled brands to trace social data such as likes, comments, shares, impressions and even negative feedback when they were applied to their pages.

Overseeing the management and performance of Facebook content was said to earn the best possible return on social media investment, and it was not long until EdgeRank Checker’s rivals cottoned on.

The company built up a customer base of over 700 clients, including Fortune 500 companies and “major entertainment brands”, which will now be absorbed by Socialbakers as the Prague firm boosts its own client portfolio by 30%.  

Big ambitions

Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers, said the purchase reinforces his company’s position as the “global standard for social media measurement and optimisation”, but there is an evident focus on business in the US.

Announcing the news, he stated: “Socialbakers is focused on two missions right now, cementing our US footprint and providing brands with entirely new levels of social media insight.

“Acquiring EdgeRank Checker allows us to do this in one stroke.”

It is believed that EdgeRank Checker will continue to be available as a self-serve product under its new owner.