E-commerce giant Rakuten has announced the purchase of ad measurement tech provider DC Storm in a move which will be used to bolster the company’s marketing arm.

DC Storm’s flagship product is an innovative multi-channel measurement, attribution, optimisation and reporting platform, used by brands to rewards all parties connected to the sale of a product online.

Considering its promise to deliver “expert technology” and services for activities related to affiliate marketing, retargeting, lead generation, display and mobile, Rakuten Marketing – which has expanded hugely over the last year – could use its new purchase to give brands more insight into type of companies playing a part in their sales.

Rakuten seeks to strengthen

The UK-based firm has become the latest in a long line of enterprises acquired by Rakuten Marketing over the last year as it looks to become the go-to point for digital marketing services.

In September 2013 the firm announced a deal for video streaming service Viki, which was praised for its “smart and creative” approach to bringing media out to global audiences.

However, it was in January 2014 that the company made its biggest statement of intent, announcing a new omni-channel tech platform, titled Cadence, and appointing Jessica Joines as its first chief marketing officer.

Little has been heard of Cadence since the announcement was made, and the acquisition of DC Storm might be a case of second time lucky for Rakuten’s umbrella firm.

DC takes attribution by storm

Very much seen as a trailblazer in the world of attribution, DC Storm was one of the first firms to stray away from the last-click attribution model with its ad measurement technology.

The company prides itself on being able to offer an all-encompassing view of the customer journey, allowing brands to reward every party that may have contributed to a sale.

Some of DC Storm’s earliest clients included House of Fraser, Resorthoppa and Ticketmaster, who all spoke highly of the new affiliate payment model.

Despite being based in Japan, Rakuten has announced no intentions to move DC Storm’s staff out to its main offices. It’s believed that all of the company’s employees in the UK, US and Germany will remain in their current locations, with the bulk of the company continuing to operate from its main headquarters in Brighton.