Daisycon, a Dutch performance marketing network, has announced that it is now supporting peer-to-peer payment system Bitcoin as a remuneration option for publishers.

Until now, Daisycon publishers have only been able to receive commission payments through regular banking and PayPal. The company believes it is the first network to offer cryptocurrency as an option to its publisher base.

According to Daisycon CEO, Marko Dobroschelski, Bitcoin offers several benefits over more traditional payment means that will help the network reimburse publishers with greater speed.

“Beside the fast and insightful financial processing, payments in Bitcoin offer new possibilities and further cost reductions,” Dobroschelski said. “We are certain that with this step we cater to the needs of some of the innovative publishers in our network.”

Bitcoin was originally introduced in 2009 by developer Satoshi Nakamoto. The digital currency is created as a reward for users offering spare computing power that then helps with payment processing.