Last month the industry gathered for the eighth annual Performance Marketing Awards, a night that recognised and celebrated outstanding performance marketing.

7thingsmedia were one of the companies to come away with an Award. It was the fourth consecutive year that the agency’s work has received such critical acclaim, a run made all the more impressive by the fact that 7thingsmedia has only recently celebrated its fifth birthday.

Following the success we spoke with Chris Bishop, founder and CEO of 7thingsmedia, to hear his thoughts on competitive edge, continued success and industry recognition.

7thingsmedia claimed the Retail Award at last week’s Performance Marketing Awards for a campaign with Furniture Village – what do you feel set your entry apart from others in the Retail category?

Chris Bishop: When first partnering with any client, we always review historical data to identify key opportunities.  With Furniture Village, it soon became apparent that the consumer-focused, multi-channel approach wasn’t being considered.  Understanding how that customer engages with the retailer from research to purchase and then creating a holistic digital strategy – around that customer – rather than just shoehorning the usual.

This led to the team creating a targeted retail campaign – both online and offline – focusing on customer journey, demographic, geography, device and product type. With thorough media planning and buying approach to the performance channel led to a 146% year-on-year revenue increase.

Within our five years we’ve really become known for the integrated digital activity we execute within retail – whether than be for high-street brands, pureplay’s or luxury brands.  That success will only continue as more retailers’ continue to realise just what a 7thingsmedia managed campaign can do for them.   

This year’s judging panel was made up of a selection of senior figures from right across the industry – how valuable is it to be recognised by those at the forefront of performance marketing?

CB: Being recognised in this category by key individuals from a range of different businesses within the industry is a huge accolade, as it shows our innovative approach is acknowledged as the example of digital retail campaign execution and reflects the high calibre of the campaigns we produce for our brands.

7thingsmedia has now won an Award at each of the last four Performance Marketing Awards – what would you attribute this continued success to?

CB: Consistency.  Irrelevant of whether we have been asked to pitch or execute a campaign for a large multinational or a new start up, the whole agency maintain the same approach and passion.

Recognition from our peers in the industry truly demonstrates our success and having only recently celebrated our fifth birthday, the agency is growing rapidly and the team’s hunger and drive to provide world-shattering results continues.  

Alongside picking up an Award on the night, 7thingsmedia also sponsored the Industry Choice of Partner category, presenting the trophy for the industry’s top network, publisher and advertiser that’s voted for by the industry. Why was it important for you to be a part of the Awards in 2014?

CB: As an agency, we work closely with all the various partners and we feel it is important for us to support the industry and celebrate those that are driving growth. We would like to extend our congratulations to John Lewis, GDM Digital and Affiliate Window on winning their Choice of Partner awards.