Digital marketers have been presented with a yet another cost-effective way of retaining website visitors, as a new tool from AppsBuilder arrives on the scene.

Fresh from generating $3.5 million in a funding round led by United Ventures, the software developer has released a new utility for helping businesses convert customers just as they are about to leave their sites.  

AppsBuilder is known for its dedicated mobile app-building software, but the company has now released a product of its own to aid websites and marketers in their quest for e-commerce glory.

Key metrics

BounceBlock is being marketed as a ‘smart analytics’ tool which delivers only the most important groups of data to companies looking to optimise their display ad campaigns.

These metrics are then used to create and deliver highly personalised content to customers, just as they are pondering whether to stay on a website or look elsewhere.

Daniele Pelleri, CEO of AppsBuilder, says the inspiration for BounceBlock has been garnered through his company’s own troubles with keeping customers on board.

“It was a problem for us at AppsBuilder and we wanted to use a tool to convince leaving visitors to stay and become customers.

“There wasn’t anything available commercially, so we developed our own solution called BounceBlock.”

Successful tests

Appsbuilder claims its new program is highly effective at retaining customers, triggering an increase in page visits and helping companies conduct the tricky task of bringing down a high bounce rate.

In its in-house tests, Pelleri says BounceBlock encouraged 10% of visitors leaving AppsBuilder to stay on the site and sign up for a free trial of one of its products.