Mobile ad platform Spotzot has looked to bolster its location-based offering by enlisting the services of Groupon, one of the biggest providers of discounts for frugal shoppers.

Spotzot’s system can ascertain the coordinates of prospective customers as well as their store location and, through integration with a vast database of online publishers, their intent.

This data is then used to deliver compelling mobile experiences to motivated shoppers, encouraging them to buy at a store nearby. Now, after a forging a link with one of the biggest players in daily deals, the technology will look to build upon its delivery of 200,000 offers per day.

Done deal

Spotzot has agreed a deal with Groupon to send discounts to its 200-million strong customer base. These will include offers from the likes of Express, Staples and Aeropostale, all of which are among the 300 US retail brands currently signed up to Spotzot’s location-targeting service.

The company works on a performance-led model, charging sponsors for any clicks, conversions or impressions delivered to their sites.

Brands enlist the help of Spotzot to push their offers out to customers that may be interested in their services, with all the messages being sent straight to their mobile phones.

A boost for malls

With digital technology on its side, the company states that the system amplifies advertising returns by up to 15 times compared to traditional platforms.

Pehr Luedtke, chief executive officer at Spotzot, believes his firm’s mobile experience provides a way for physical retailers to stay relevant in the face of an e-commerce boom.   

“By using the mobile device to provide shoppers with digital coupons, our goal is to modernise the way people find deals and shop in-store,” he commented.

“Our solution is simple to use and great for retail and brands that want to target high-intent shoppers and serve them with mobile coupons before they walk in the store.”

By linking up with Spotzot, Groupon has added to the estimated 50 shopping apps that are currently signed up to the service.