Peerius has received £1.2 million in growth finance as it looks to steer its customer experience personalisation technology into new countries.

Beringea is behind the investment, having already stumped up £2.5 million for call tracking and analytics firm ResponseTap earlier this week. It is hoped the funds will provide additional flexibility for the company’s growth.

Headquartered in Berlin, Peerius’ Smart products enable retailers to treat each website visitor as an individual. The idea is to make consumers feel unique in being given exactly what they want.  Arcadia Group, Charles Tyrwhitt and Tommy Hilfiger are among some the tech’s biggest clients.

With every mouse click, all stages of the customer journey are personalised by Peerius. Consumers see a selection of product suggestions, messages, promotions, images and campaigns that are personally relevant to them, helping them make an informed decision on what to buy.

A fast transaction

Finalising the funding is said to have taken eight weeks, from the point where terms were agreed to Peerius actually receiving the cash. The apparent speed of the transaction had Peerius CEO Roger Brown extolling Beringea’s virtues.

“We were particularly impressed by the Growth Finance team at Beringea because their significant experience meant they were decisive, understood our needs, offered good business suggestions and were able to work quickly to provide the funds,” Brown said.

“Their business acumen and agility mirrored our sector knowledge and our need to work quickly in this competitive sector.”