Affiliate Window has successfully launched its first ‘second screen campaign’ for NOW TV. In an effort to provide an enhanced viewing experience, a display campaign specifically targeted on tablets & WIFI only, ran simultaneously during TV commercials for NOW TV. The tablet display campaign was delivered in bursts for a length of three minutes and delivered during peak time slots in terms of television viewer ratings (TVRs).

Jenna Pain, NOW TV Affiliate Manager says: “We are delighted to partner with Affiliate Window in their first ‘second’ screen campaign. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and develop the NOW TV programme beyond the traditional affiliate channels, and are excited about integrating this new form of advertising into our marketing mix. Initial results proved the campaign achieved one of the highest click-through rates we have ever experienced via the display channel”.

Second screen advertising
Second screen advertising is rising with more people becoming active online during TV commercials, whether they are engaging on social networks, browsing the internet or playing games. A recent study from Millward Brown reveals that Americans are spending more time on mobile devices than watching TV. Results showed they spend 151 minutes per day on their smartphones and 147 minutes each day watching TV. In the UK, approximately 32% of the population are using multiple screens simultaneously. Mobile advertising spending is still trailing behind compared with the time spent on mobile devices, but this year it will account for nearly 25% of the total digital ad spending worldwide.

Second screen advertising is still in its infancy, but the first market researchers are showing it has a positive effect on brand and image KPIs. People remember brand messages better when delivered simultaneously on TV and online. Another positive effect is that you increase the unique reach of the TV commercial and allow people to interact with the brand straight away.

Hatice van Leeuwen, Mobile Specialist at Affiliate Window is optimistic in seeing the results from offering this new form of advertising to retailers. ‘It is a great way to extend our mobile offering which covers the complete customer journey from awareness to action’.

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