A desire among company heads to measure the performance of marketing and its impact on the bottom line has been highlighted by a new study.

The 2014 Marketing Measurement Survey from Ifbyphone, a provider of voice-based marketing automation solutions, shows that three quarters of CEOs describe themselves as “totally committed” to supporting the efforts of their marketing departments.

However, in order to maintain this harmony, many executives are also requesting to see clear evidence of their work having an impact on conversions. According to the survey, 69% of marketers are now looking into whether their activity is boosting sales revenue, while 58% have started to grade their efforts in terms of lead generation.

Performance takes centre stage

Due to an increased focus on the performance-based approach, it is of little surprise to see marketing teams investing so heavily in technology that facilitates the gathering of data for analysis.

A total of 73% of marketers responding to Ifbyphone said they plan on at least maintaining their investment in web analytics, with 63% saying the same about SEO and PPC tools.

Further down the list of investment priorities, over half of the group (52%) said they will continue to plough investments into customer-relationship management (CRM) technology, with 38% planning on doing the same for call-tracking software.   

Mobile on top

When it comes to leading by example, in terms of performance monitoring, mobile marketers are said to be topping the class.

Readings from Ifbyphone show that 69% of campaign managers will track SEO and PPC results, compared to 55% of all marketers, with the same proportion checking social media metrics, compared to 44% of all marketers.

The survey results have been put into an infographic by Ifbyphone, and the full image can be found below.