One in five UK consumers are prone to buying products online after enjoying an alcoholic beverage, suggests new data from charitable shopping platform, Give as you Live.

The study shows these post-pub shopaholics are refusing to stint, with average order values reaching £68 when they browse all the weird and wonderful items that the internet has available for purchase.

Londoners have shown themselves to spend the most prior to Give as you Live’s research. With a little Dutch courage coursing through their bodies, the losing of their financial inhibitions resulted in a £134 average order value.

Gender differences

In the battle of the sexes, 20% of men made more purchases while inebriated compared to 3% of women. As for average order values, men spent on average £79.30 and women £58.70.

Give as you Live also asked the survey’s 2,000 UK respondents to share some of the drunken purchases they made. Ten of the most bizarre items were:

  1. Lionel Rich Tea Mug
  2. Vibrating head massager
  3. Stetson Hat
  4. Back scratcher
  5. Coach tickets to Glasgow
  6. Wine and wine cooler
  7. Carpet beater
  8. 10 toothbrushes
  9. South Park figurines
  10. Petrified Wombat