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Neverblue Publishers Gain Exclusive Link-up with Boost Software
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Neverblue Publishers Gain Exclusive Link-up with Boost Software


Members of the Neverblue affiliate network will gain exclusive access to Boost Software’s cost-per-install (CPI) programme after the two companies announced a partnership.

Online marketing specialist Neverblue is based in the Canadian city of Victoria, but boasts clients from all over the world.

In a clear showing of commitment, Boost Software has decided to only offer out its CPI programme to publishers connected to the site. Neverblue claims this is with a view to expanding its new partner’s advertising efforts worldwide.

New deal

Neverblue currently has offices in Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong, although its main operation is located in Victoria. Since 2004 the company has been owned by GlobalWide Media, which is based in Los Angeles.

An official partner of Microsoft, Boost Software specialises in developing programs that optimise the performance of sluggish computers. One of the Boston-based company’s flagship products is PC HealthBoost, which aims to improve machine speed and performance through a variety of techniques.

Bjorn Hougaard, vice president of network for Neverblue, said his firm is “delighted” to strengthen its relationship with Boost.

He went on to claim that Boost’s distinction in software development combined with Neverblue’s extensive global client base would provide “unparalleled” distribution in performance marketing.   

Also commenting on the partnership, Pete Futchko, affiliate manager at Boost Software, said the company hopes the exclusive deal will enable his firm to become a household name in PC optimisation software

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Richard Towey

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