Performance Horizon Group has bolstered the functionality of its proprietary platform ExactView with the addition of data tracking for Apple iBeacon devices.

The program enables brands to track, manage and optimise their various performance marketing campaigns, allowing them to make key decisions based on data analysis.

PHG is currently looking into ways of letting companies better optimise their affiliate and direct partner management, and the addition of data tracking for iBeacon campaigns will pave the way for brands to fine-tune their location-specific promotions.

Brands get location-aware

Many retailers have turned to Apple’s indoor positioning system to send customers special offers and discounts as they walk past the technology.

The messages are sent via bluetooth and can be viewed on any Apple device with iOS 7 or later, provided the customer has opted in to receive communications from the company in question.   

Advertisers and loyalty app publishers working on behalf of retailers can now use ExactView to assess the large amounts of data collected by iBeacon. This hands them the opportunity to track all the associated information in real time, right down to the checkout.

Huge promise

Pete Cheyne, Chief Technology Officer at PHG, said the partnership between iBeacon and ExactView could create numerous benefits for retailers.

“Home to hundreds of brands, a shopping mall, for instance, could now effectively become a publisher,” Cheyne said. “Consumers would receive iBeacon-enabled offers through the mall’s app, and PHG would provide the mall and participating brands with real-time centralised data on every single offer.”

ExactView users can take advantage of the new feature by using PHG’s software development kit (SDK) to alter the settings in any iBeacon-enabled app.