mSpy, the developers of one of the leading business and personal monitoring solution on the market for mobile devices are bringing out a niche new monitoring system and offering affiliates a wide range of offers with their new integration with HasOffers

Name: mSpy

Contact: Alex Levine


Please tell us about mSpy and its product?

We are the developers of one of the leading business and personal monitoring solution on the market for mobile devices. mSpy has a wide range of features and capabilities, such as call recording, SMS and call logs storage, Instant messengers and GPS tracking as well as recording of surroundings and monitoring of  media files storage. Our Keylogger feature that allows customers to read emails, chat messages in Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, and remote control capabilities, which is exactly what many parents are looking these days for.

There are several niches for this software and we employ relevant product positioning while reaching out to different target audiences, such as parents, business owners and individual users. Companies may use our services to ensure corporate policies on devices usage are met, and individuals to solve some of the personal issues they have in daily life, ranging from infidelity check to simply keeping track of one’s phone in case it gets lost or stolen.

How does it work exactly and what platforms do you support?

mSpy works on jailbroken iOS and Android platforms, as well as Blackberry and Symbian. The software needs to be installed right onto the mobile device that a client wants to track, and they need physical access to it only during the installation stage. After installation complete, which should not take more than 30 minutes, clients may adjust all settings of this application remotely anytime from their web Control Panel. Monitored phone will connect to our servers in order to sync data within indicated time period.

What are some major achievements that mSpy team have seen this year?

mSpy works in directions considered key priorities for our company’s success – continuous product development and improvement, increasing customer satisfaction, and forging strong relations with our affiliates. All three are interrelated and require close coordination, ability to set realistic expectations with all parties and maintain goals. As satisfaction levels drop, loyalty drops faster! We aim to maintain loyalty on all levels by all means.

This year we have seen a tremendous success with the release of the Keylogger feature available for Premium subscribers. Moreover, we are doing our best to respond to iOS and Android updates in a timely manner. Whenever a new update is released, it takes us just a couple of days to fine tune the system and release the supported version of mSpy.

Talking about the affiliate program, we have been working on improving communication with affiliates, getting their feedback on the offers and voicing our concerns, delivering new quality promotional materials and innovative cooperation ways such as being a Reseller. Finally, we are getting the right tools and resources for affiliates to effectively manage their own campaigns. We have released a number of highly successful shops such as and and localized several landing pages in major world languages. One of the major addition to mSpy and its affiliate program is the recent integration with HasOffers, a widely acknowledged independent and unbiased attribution and tracking platform.

What does this mean for mSpy affiliates?

With HasOffers, for example, it opens up a whole new range of possibilities, such as work on models that were previously impossible to arrange: Cost per Install in mobile, Credit Submits in trial offers, Cost per Action in the rest. All of the affiliates signing up for mSpy’s HasOffers platform are now able to directly choose between a range of offers, landing pages and their localizations in six major languages. Affiliates can also now choose between Fixed Price and Revenue Share models, and most importantly enjoy the reliability of Server2Server tracking, not to mention a long-awaited feature of measuring performance by passing relevant sub_ids from CAKE or any other analytics platforms they use.

Our strategy is to try to remove as many obstacles as possible that prevent affiliates from concentrating on their actual job instead of wasting time on this that can be done quite fast. We provide them with relevant promotional materials, effective landings, shops and instructions on how to set them up. By the way, our downloadable shops and themes can be installed on a stand-alone affiliate domain, which does significantly speed up the launch process. All shops are routinely updated to reflect ongoing product development and any associated issues.

We do take communication seriously, since a satisfied client has far fewer grounds if none to ask for a refund or file for a chargeback with their bank. That does affect affiliate earnings directly. Over a course of time, we have been delivering the message to some of the affiliates that it is not okay to say a Jailbreak is not needed for a phone, or that physical access is not required. This is simply misleading; it might be giving you a vague short-term benefit, but will strip you of a long-term, continuous income.

Are there any exciting developments coming up for mSpy?

Within a few weeks, we will be announcing our brand new product in Beta version, designed for clients that need to monitor their desktop computers. As a part of the launch initiative, we will be giving away 1 week of free subscription to mSpy services for each major bug reported by the customers participating in Beta testing.

Also, later this year we are going to release our new mSpy version specifically targeted at customers who need to monitor iOS devices without the need to physically access the device during installation, something that has been anticipated by a large group of existing and prospective customers!

What resources/commission does SpyCash offer its affiliates?

It is quite clear that availability of resources is one of the major factors that guides affiliates in choosing the right offer for them. We try to eliminate any entry barriers for inexperienced affiliates as well as save time of professions by providing them with a full promotional package that includes:

  • Online shop templates, themes & landing pages.
  • Landing pages in multiple languages.
  • Top notch creative­­s & banners.
  • Customized links.
  • Up-to-date keyword lists for PPC & SEO.
  • Custom designed creative ma­­terials at request.

How do you compare with competitor affiliate programs and what are the commissions?

As mentioned before, existing affiliates get 60% in system and new affiliates joining our HasOffers platform will have an option to choose between a wide range of offers.

One of the major pros is our acceptance of traffic from virtually all countries in the world, the 90 days cookie life period, high entry level commission of 60% (with other programs you start with 45%), generous 10% referral commission, as well as bi-weekly payments in WebMoney, EPESE, PayPal and Wire transfers. We will also be adding soon enough Payoneer as an additional payment method.

Our tier program will also be reviewed to introduce clear-cut criteria on how affiliates can get the extra 10% to their base rate and how to maintain it. Of course, we are also open to new business opportunities and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us or send us your feedback.