Pet owners and enthusiasts have a new opportunity to monetise their websites with the unveiling of, a pet affiliate network.

Targeted at those with little or no affiliate marketing experience, PetOffers sets out to give pet owners the chance to share their passion with other pet owners.

Network manager, Rachel Romero, revealed that the thinking behind PetOffers’ creation was to give aspiring marketers the chance to promote a product they had a real affinity with.

“We know that there are many affiliates in other niches who unfortunately have a lack of genuine interest in the products that they promote and who are doing it purely for the money,” Romero said. “The best affiliate marketers are those who do have a real and genuine interest in what they do.”

“Pet owners naturally have all the ongoing love and passion needed to thrive on the opportunity to help others choose the best pet products via affiliate marketing. This is why we created PetOffers.”

PetOffers has launched with brands such as Zooplus, Monster Pet Supplies, Pet Supermarket and Pets Pyjamas signed up. The company has stated that more will be added on a regular basis.