Retailers need to do more to flip in-store mobile consumers into in-store customers, according to Tradedoubler.

The performance marketing network says retailers need to target shoppers with online offers and vouchers that can be redeemed at the shop, to ensure that more in-store smartphone consumers become converted in-store customers.

According to the company’s latest research, retailers are losing a third of those customers that check their smartphone while in-store.

Regional director of the UK and Ireland at Tradedoubler, Dan Cohen, said Tradedoubler’s research demonstrates that the smartphone clearly influences consumers’ in-store shopping behaviour, with more than half of shoppers changing the way they have bought something as a result of using a smartphone.

“Despite this, it is clear that many high street stores with a physical presence are still failing to provide a seamless and fully integrated omnichannel experience for consumers, which is why both on and offline competitors are still managing to influence shoppers even while in-store,” Cohen said.

While we all know that the trusty and ever-developing smartphone is a key influencer on shopping behaviour, it is important that retailers now fine tune their approach to securing sales, while utilising the smartphone, says Cohen.

“Retailers need to remember that a smartphone-using consumer in their store is someone who is already interested in making a purchase from them,” Cohen said.

“By providing targeted online offers, vouchers or coupons that can be redeemed in-store, they can help ensure in-store mobile consumers are converted to in-store customers.”

Tradedoubler conducted research across nine European countries and surveyed 4,500 participants to formulate its latest ‘Mobile Shopping 2014: the Rise of the Omniconsumer’ study.

Results found that 61% of shoppers said they have changed the way they have bought something as a result of using a mobile in-store.

The survey also found that one third of consumers change their mind about buying a product after searching for details on their mobile in-store, 20% of people decided to buy elsewhere after viewing the product on their mobile, a fifth change their mind about purchasing the item, and 22% decide to buy online.

Cohen said the results demonstrate just how easily a consumer’s purchasing path can be swayed.

Only 19% of consumers complete the purchase cycle in-store, a statistic that traditional bricks and mortar retailers need to take note of as mobile use in the purchasing journey continues to increase.

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