RetailMeNot, a voucher publisher that operates various brands across the globe, has released new research suggesting Germany’s m-commerce market is about to move ahead of the UK.

The US-founded publisher’s forecasts suggest Brits will spend £7.9 billion on m-commerce this year, up from £4.9 billion in 2013. The UK is now the most mature market in Europe, with 28% of people having used their smartphones to browse online stores in the three months prior to the study taking place.

Germany, however, is within touching distance of the UK boasting a 27% share, while Sweden (21%) is some way off in third place. French and Italian consumers are the least likely to use mobile devices to visit retail sites as only 12% choose to do so.

Mobile’s billions

Across the whole of Europe, RetailMeNot found m-commerce spend made up 8% of e-commerce revenue, fuelling £10.7 billion of the total £111.2 billion in online sales. This year, m-commerce sales are expected to hit £19.8 billion.

Mobile is now just as important to e-commerce growth as it is to the recent ad spend forecasts, according to senior vice president and general manager of international at RetailMeNot, Giulio Montemagno.

“The study shows that mobile is now the key driver behind the growth of e-commerce. While sales made on desktop or laptop computers are expected to grow by 9% in the UK in 2014, they are expected to increase by 62% on mobile devices,” Montemagno said.

“To take advantage of this shift, retailers must adapt by optimising their websites to mobile devices and ensuring payments are secure.”

Read on to see more findings in RetailMeNot’s infographic.