From domains to web hosting, email and website builder - 123-reg, the UK’s largest domain registrar, makes it easy to get your personal or business website online. It is now expanding its product base, offering commissions on all new gTLDs in one of the biggest shakeups in the internet in over 25 years.

Name: 123-Reg

Contact: Matthew Butterfield


Why new domains from 123-reg will boost affiliate performances

123-reg is expanding its product base, offering commissions on all new gTLDs in one of the biggest shakeups in the internet in over 25 years. Great customer service and great value is the backbone of a great product so is this expansion what you have been waiting for?

Who is 123-reg and what has been the major development for you this year? is the UK’s largest domain registrar, registering over 3 million domains and hosting over 1.4 million websites. 123-reg believes that the internet should be for the many, not the few and accordingly, its product offerings support all extremes of technical ability.

It has been a very exciting start to 2014 for 123-reg and the domain industry as a whole. In February, the roll out of one of the biggest expansions in the domain market for over a quarter of a century began and will see over 1,400 new domain names for both businesses and individuals over the coming years.

So what has changed?

Where once web addresses were restricted to a handful of Top-Level Domains (TLD’s) like .com and .net, businesses and individuals will soon be able to choose from domains like .camera, .kitchen, careers and .menu. As well as industry specific domains, more personal domain names are launching including .xyz, .guru and .ceo.

What does this mean for affiliates?

For affiliates, this change will be highly positive because where once an affiliate was only able to offer a handful of domains, now as many as 1,400 for a range of personal and business interests will be available, with the benefits being:

1) An extensive number of new domains available
2) Regular emails from the 123-reg experts, helping to explain new gTLDs and ways to promote these new domains
3) Regular exclusive offers
4) Continued competitive commissions on domains
5) Reach a wider audience

What resources/commission do you offer your affiliates?

123-reg is marketed heavily online with our adverts appearing on the first page of Google and the Yahoo/ Overture network for all the main search terms coupled with high natural rankings. 

In addition, 123-reg is one of the best converting websites in the market. Its design, competitive pricing structure and easy to use products mean visitors become customers at a fantastic rate. On top of this, a 120 day cookie is offered and by listing 123-reg on your website, you can earn great commissions for every customer you send through. 

123-reg has a very competitive commission structure based on the following:

Domain and Domain Transfers – 8.5%

Web Hosting – 20% – 25%

Email – 20%

InstantTraffic – 15%

Ecommerce – 20%

What are the benefits of the 123-reg affiliate programme?

Lots of people need domain names and web hosting services. When you become a 123-reg affiliate you will be promoting some of the world’s most popular products, provided by the UK’s most trusted registrar.

Are there any exciting developments coming up?

The 123-reg gTLD product range will expand enormously over the next couple of years. In 2014, we will see and promote the expansion of hundreds of new domains, all with their own unique selling points. The 123-reg team will be on hand to guide affiliates through this by offering expert advice and knowledge on these products.

123-reg will be launching the following:

1) Introduction of .london domain name
2) Unveiling of new .uk domain name
3) Promotion of further new gTLDs

Now is certainly the time to start planning. Affiliates should scope out what domains would be interesting and invest in these opportunities. As always, the 123-reg team will be on hand to help you make the most of these exciting new opportunities.

To find out more about the 123-reg affiliate programme please contact