UK customer engagement solutions company, Rapide, has rebranded by taking on the name of one of its top performing tools.

As of today, the 2000-founded company, which was launched by founder Nigel Shanahan, will be known Rant & Rave – the name of its popular real-time feedback product.

The firm, which allows brands to capture how their customers feel in the moment, giving them the opportunity to take real-time inspired action, said by taking on the new name, this gives the company ‘a new prominence as their overall brand identity’.

Triggers and posts

The Rant & Rave Platform can gather feedback in two ways; via event triggered requests and listening posts.

Event triggered requests are sent at specific points when customers are likely to want to feedback – for instance when they check out of a hotel, receive a parcel or come to the end of an application process.

The listening posts are on hand to capture feedback from customers whenever they feel the need, at moments that cannot be predicted. They can be advertised in-store, on all customer facing documents and wherever customers might interact with the brand.

The platform also allows clients to act on insight to recover unhappy customers, and can turn happy customers into ‘word of mouth champions’.  

New website

The rebrand includes a new website too, and the recently appointed CEO of Rant & Rave , Dennis Fois, said the rebranded platform will continue to help clients engage their customers and employees at ‘key moments of truth’.

“The decision to rebrand to Rant & Rave was an easy one – nothing sums up more succinctly what we offer the world and why we exist – to help our clients create Ravers, lifelong advocates,” said Fois.

The Rant & Rave platform can send text messages, voice broadcasts and emails right along the customer journey from marketing messages, operational updates and reminders, to real-time requests for feedback.

The fast feedback solution also allows customers to share their views whenever they feel the need, and text analytics understands every word instantly, so brands can take real-time inspired action

Rant & Rave, which has clients such as Papa John’s Pizza, Sky, Wonga and Harrods, is based in Coventry.