Many brands concentrate much of their digital marketing efforts on driving traffic to their sites, yet neglect to focus their optimisation efforts on converting that traffic. On average, only 2% of visitors convert once they reach a landing page, according to TopRank. It’s necessary, therefore, to devote just as much time to understanding how your site traffic converts into paying customers, and how to optimise that traffic for improved conversion, as you do on targeting the right customer audiences.

The number one goal of every advertiser is to improve the ROI of their marketing efforts. In other words, get more bang for your buck. Five easy tweaks to your landing page can do just that.

Use the following tips to help translate your site-optimisation efforts into top-converting pages that elicit the desired consumer action.

1. Put a phone number atop every lead-gen form. Make sure the phone numbers on your lead-gen pages are clickable and trackable, especially when displayed on mobile and tablet devices. Not only does this increase the ways in which consumers can contact you, but studies have shown that placing a toll-free number on your landing page improves the credibility of your site and helps increase the amount of web visitors who complete the lead form.

2. Clearly define the features and benefits of the offer to the consumer. Hit them over the head with your unique value proposition. What are the three prime messages or benefits you want to communicate to potential customers via your website or landing page? More importantly, which benefits will compel a potential customer to provide their contact information for further discussion? Those are the key considerations you should make when building a landing page for optimal conversions.

3. Add video. According to studies, online video is 5.33 times more effective than text; consumers that view a company product video are up to 85% more likely to buy that product. Your customers want to watch a video about your product or service rather than read through a lengthy text description. Create a video that shows your product in action, but keep it short. Try to squeeze all the important information into a quick and easy to understand treat for your viewers.

4. Simplify your landing page and design a clear user flow. Design is key. According to eConsultancy, 96% of visitors notice the visual design first when looking at your landing page. First impressions last, so make your visual appeal simple and familiar. Your landing page creative should compel a visitor to take a specific action, hopefully one that the creative has specifically highlighted.

5. Optimise for mobile. Most marketers already know, or are quickly learning, that you cannot simply shrink your desktop landing page to fit on a mobile device. Conversion rates will suffer if you try to do so. It’s important to optimise your creative for both desktop and mobile devices. This includes limiting the number of lead-gen fields you’re collecting. Only collect the information that is absolutely necessary – no more than five fields on a mobile device.

No matter where your traffic is coming from, there is a way to make it convert and to do so more efficiently and profitably. Instead of focusing only on building traffic, invest a portion of your time in converting it. Be sure to always provide value and follow with strong calls to action that continue to move prospects through your flow.