US companies Neverblue, GlobalWide Media and Pulse Mobile organised an intimate, yet casual soirée at ad:tech San Francisco last week.

The social was held to thank advertisers for their loyalty and business and about 50 people attended.

Alana Clement, public relations manager at performance marketing company Neverblue, said: “Strong account management and client relationships are at the core of our business and while we were all gathered in such a great city like San Francisco, we didn’t want to miss out on thanking our important partners.”

The shindig was held at ThirstyBear brewery and pub in San Francisco, where Clement said the atmosphere and décor was loud, friendly and fun.

Endless beer and wine was available to guests, who kicked back and relaxed while feasting on tapas-style cuisine that included haricot vert salad, sautéed garlic shrimp, roasted meatballs and patatas bravas.

Attendees included varying advertising partners from across the globe, such as Digital Performance, Instant Checkmate, Meet Me and Boost Software.

GlobalWide Media, which owns Neverblue and Pulse Mobile, is an online affiliate marketing and internet technology company which was founded in 2006.

“The GlobalWide Media, Neverblue and Pulse Mobile event was such a great way to connect with our advertisers face-to-face and to get to know them as people,” Clement added.

“The relaxed and intimate setting allowed us to strengthen our relationships and still have fun with those we are so lucky to work with.”