E-commerce agency, Biglight, has announced the opening of its first office in Berlin, which it says is to better serve German clients.

Biglight’s second office will not only be serving the country’s natives, it will also be offering help and advice to any of its UK brands that are looking to make a move into Germany.

While Berlin is often touted as the place to be for German media and technology companies, another consideration for Biglight’s co-founder, Steve Borges, is the city’s penchant to be at the forefront of clothing trends

“We’re very excited to be opening our first office in Berlin. Germany is a growing market for so many UK retailers including many of our customers,” Borges said.

“With Berlin, we’ve chosen a great location that’s at the cutting edge of the German e-commerce scene, as well as being at the heart of the fashion market to help our customers.”

The new office is said to be the first part of a wider expansion plan for Biglight that also involves a redesign of the agency’s website in 2014.