Buecher.de offers a wide yet comprehensive range of products to the German market, including books (English books, reference books, eBooks, School and audiobooks), films, music, electronics and games and more. It sought the help of Productsup, a product data management platform, to help with sales on Google Shopping.

The problem

buecher.de GmbH is one of the leading online book and media retailers in Germany.

A key concern for buecher.de is that its products are visible on search results pages and that these accurately match the consumer’s search query. In order to achieve this, high quality, customised product data needs to be distributed to the many different shopping and marketing channels.

Buecher.de has over seven million products in their portfolio. Sometimes it would take up to three days to edit a specific group of products, as they would need to be extracted from the ERP system, edited manually and then reloaded back into the system. With this, there was little time to focus on other areas of the business, and the backlog of IT tickets was growing steadily. 

The process was clearly not sustainable. What buecher.de was lacking was a system that would enable them to efficiently manage their millions of products so that they could create and optimise multiple data feeds quickly, easily and daily.

The solution

This is where Productsup stepped in. Since the beginning of 2012, the Productsup platform has been helping to simplify the e-commerce player’s business. The software is user friendly, flexible and scalable. It empowers the marketing department to handle the product data themselves, giving them full ownership of it and simultaneously eliminating the need for support from IT. 

With powerful analysis tools hidden potential, is revealed and products information can be adjusted accordingly. Additionally, automated optimisations and exports can be set up.

With Productsup, buecher.de is able to edit several million products in just minutes, and guarantee the distribution of data feeds that successfully match new and specific requirements determined by Google and other marketing channels.

The result

Tailored data feeds of the highest quality are sent out regularly, making sure that product information is always up-to-date. Automated setups, fast processing and a delta upload system have collectively had a significant impact on the amount of time saved. 

“It was quite a jump, with a 25% increase in efficiency we finally had much-needed time available to dedicate to business development and other core areas,” says Günter Hilger, Head of Marketing at buecher.de.

Thanks to Productsup, buecher.de has maintained its leading position and continues to achieve great successes. Just this past December they achieved record sales. Google Shopping in particular generated a 35% year-on-year increase during the festive season of 2012 and 2013.

“There’s no question that the last two years with Productsup have taken our product data marketing to the next level! The team is great and together I know we will achieve even bigger success,” says Günter.