Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC), the leading analytic data platforms, marketing applications and consulting services company, today announced it will no longer use the name “eCircle” in reference to its digital messaging and marketing automation product offerings across Europe, and will discontinue use of this term in its corporate branding lexicon.

Going forward, the name “Teradata eCircle,” which had been a transitional organisational name introduced and used in Europe after Teradata’s acquisition of Munich-based eCircle in June 2012, will simply become “Teradata.”

At the product level, the eCircle product formerly known as eC-messenger, and now part of Teradata’s Digital Messaging product set, will go by “Teradata Digital Messaging Center,” the label currently in use in the rest of the world.

Teradata Digital Messaging is one of three key product sets comprising the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud portfolio. This comprehensive cloud solution includes Teradata Marketing Operations, Teradata Campaign Management and Teradata Digital Messaging. Teradata’s solutions for data-driven marketing span the whole marketing value chain. Together, these solutions empower the data-driven business on-demand or on-premise.

In addition to the organisational and product name changes, Teradata eCircle “Media Services” will become “Teradata Interactive”. Teradata Interactive is a full-service online marketing unit and is part of Teradata’s broad offering of business services. Customers can benefit from Teradata’s wealth of digital marketing expertise in managing marketing campaigns across all digital channels, including lead generation, search marketing, affiliate marketing, display advertising, social and mobile. In addition to campaign management, Teradata Interactive provides services including data analysis and enhancement, customer lifecycle management, media planning and creative design. Teradata Interactive helps organisations not only to acquire new customers, but also to increase customer loyalty and user engagement, which ultimately generates incremental sales and business growth.

“As one brand and one unified global organisation, Teradata can better deliver its market-leading solutions to help companies increase the value of their data and customer relationships,” said Teradata’s Volker Wiewer, Vice President, International, Marketing Applications. “Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud solutions are offered globally, in the cloud or on-premise, as ’best in class’ standalone products, or as a complete industry-leading platform for integrated marketing management. By any name, Teradata’s solutions are enabling marketers to more effectively manage operations, multi-channel campaigns and analytics, resulting in greater effectiveness and efficiency and increased Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).”

Since the June 2012 acquisition, Teradata has made great progress in integrating the eCircle solutions, including enabling customers to use the company’s Campaign Management product set in combination with its Digital Messaging products and in email and mobile marketing software for direct campaign execution in digital channels.

Teradata maintains its European headquarters in Munich with offices throughout the EMEA region including Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK. The Company also maintains offices across the Americas, Asia and Japan, and has over 10,000 employees in more than 40 countries.