BrandVerity has today announced the launch of its new content monitoring offering.

The US-founded brand protection and compliance tech firm said the new service allows compliance teams to quickly take action when partners post inaccurate offer details, make guarantees that the brand does not condone, leave expired offers up on their sites, or even use inappropriate and offensive language.

The service monitors promotions and offers that appear on affiliates’ and partners’ websites, automatically collecting and then analysing content to reduce the manual overhead for compliance teams.

BrandVerity CEO, Dave Naffziger, said the new Content Monitoring service provides users with greater visibility into how their brands are being represented on their partners’ websites, automatically flagging potential violations that appear.

“Our experience has really shown a strong need in the industry for this type of technology service,” Naffziger said.

“We are excited to introduce the next generation of content compliance tools and are thrilled by the early reception the service has received.

“Content Monitoring is a strong addition to our online brand protection and compliance services.”

Naffziger said compliance professionals can develop their own custom rule sets in the BrandVerity interface, ensuring they will only be alerted about content that they consider to be in violation.

It actively discovers previously unknown pages, detects in-page changes and stores all relevant supporting details. In highly regulated industries, such as consumer finance, where brands hold their marketing partners to high standards of content compliance, Naffziger said these tools can save teams significant time and help them identify and respond to violations more readily.

Last month global affiliate marketing network, AffiliateTraction, also ventured into the world of compliance by launching a new company – AdAssured. Its primary focus is to provide monitoring and compliance solutions for retail brands and help them manage their online marketing channels.

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