Sociomantic launches Streaming CRM for Mobile – a new HTML5 dynamic display technology that enables Forever 21 to reach quality mobile audiences at global scale.

Celebrated by many style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers, Forever 21 has quickly become the source for the most current fashions at the greatest value in over 30 countries worldwide. 

Forever 21 is growing quickly, featuring new and exciting store environments, a constant flow of fun and creative clothing designs and the accessories to make your look come together at the right price. 

A phenomenon in the fashion world, Forever 21 provides shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today’s fashions, always changing and always in style.

Streaming CRM for mobile

With over half of all minutes online spent on mobile devices, brand marketers go to Sociomantic and DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) to access display inventory across various browsers and apps.

The Sociomantic Streaming CRM for Mobile solution enables brand marketers to reach their customers and prospects on this critically important channel – across all devices, operating systems and browsers.

The display platform uses a proprietary HTML5 framework, which enables e-commerce marketers to serve personalised ads across mobile web and in-app inventory, including Apple’s Flash-free iOS and Safari browser.

To develop and test Streaming CRM, Sociomantic worked with DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) to ensure programmatic access to a global pool of high quality inventory in all formats.

“AdX is a long-time partner of Sociomantic,” says Jason Kelly, CEO for Sociomantic. “We provide eCommerce programmatic display solutions in over 60 markets worldwide and AdX is a powerful source of quality inventory at global scale.”

Customer success metrics

  • Clickthrough rate – 20% higher CTR on mobile web campaigns that featured Sociomantic’s dynamic creative when compared to desktop campaigns.
  • Post-click conversion rate – Post-click conversion rates on mobile stayed consistently within 15% of desktop conversion rates.
  • Volume – Increased overall campaign volume by  15% while maintaining same ROI.


  • Deliver personalised marketing messages for brands across mobile web and in-app inventory, including Apple’s iOS devices and Safari browsers.
  • Increase revenues for the world’s top e-commerce marketers via retargeting, prospecting and loyalty campaigns.


  • Build industry-first HTML5 dynamic bannering technology to reach all multi-device environments.
  • Advance Sociomantic’s integration with DoubleClick Ad Exchange to increase mobile reach across global brand-safe inventory.
  • Utilise streaming CRM data to enable personalised ofers and efective targeting at scale.

Quality and Scale Across the Mobile Ecosystem

Sociomantic is able to reach audiences across the fragmented mobile ecosystem, including Apple’s iOS which accounts for 57 percent of mobile commerce transactions in the U.S. today. After launching a mobile campaign with retail brand Forever 21 in October 2013, Sociomantic immediately noticed impressive results.

With access to an increased volume of quality audiences via AdX, Forever 21 achieved higher CTR on mobile web campaigns, consistent post-click conversion rates and increased overall campaign volume, whilst maintaining the same ROI.

One-to-one personalisation

Sociomantic delivers one-to-one marketing at scale by utilising clients’ supplemental first-party information – including CRM, loyalty and yield management data – to better inform and refine their pricing and messaging strategies.

These real-time CRM integrations enable Sociomantic to target customers cross-device, giving marketers a unified view of their customers and prospects across all RTB display channels.

“Mobile convergence and globalisation are two things we’ve been counting on since the early days, and you see it reflected in our technology,” said Thomas Brandhof, Sociomantic co-founder and managing director.

“It’s been amazing to watch the industry mature, and our clients are thrilled to now be able to use the same techniques they’ve come to love from our desktop solutions in the mobile channel — especially on iOS.”

Campaign feedback

“We’re looking to scale our online and mobile business faster, drive more return on ad spend and increase revenue through paid channels. Sociomantic and AdX are helping us accomplish these goals.” – Gerard Florendo, manager of online marketing and web analytics for fashion at Forever 21.

“It’s great to see buyers developing solutions that utilise HTML5 and that can take full advantage of the mobile inventory on DoubleClick Ad Exchange, across browsers, apps and devices.” – Scott Spencer, director of product management, Double Click Ad Exchange.