Technology agency, RTB House, has analysed how consumers react to display advertisements in a number of countries throughout Europe.

RTB House’s findings identified how Russians are most likely to react to display advertising. The country recorded the highest clickthrough rate of all the countries surveyed at 0.44%.

Other countries touting high clickthrough rates on the banners served by RTB House included Romania (0.42%), Czech Republic (0.40%), Turkey (0.38%) and Ukraine (0.37%).

RTB offers better CTRs

Of the various implementations in the current display advertising market, real time bidding again proved its prowess over more traditional display tech according to Maciek Mikołajczak, RTB House’s business development director.

“The results show an average CTR for standard solutions in Romania at 0.21%. and Czech Republic at 0.14%. This is in comparison to the more successful personalised retargeting figures: Romania (0.42%), Czech Republic (0.40%).”

From the data accumulated over January 2014, RTB House also found that large banners of 300×600 in size were the highest ranked format. They were followed by 300×300 (1.03%), 750×200 (0.79%) and 240×400 (0.72%) hoardings.