Performance marketing gaming platform, ad2games, has announced expansion plans into Asia and South America and has bolstered its team by adding two new specialists.

The German-founded business, which was acquired by Berlin-based incubator, the HitFox Group in 2012, has taken on Andreas Weih, as director of performance marketing, and Todd Djureen, who is responsible for real time bidding (RTB) and media buying.

It will also hire another 20 members of staff to help with its global expansion.

CMO and MD of ad2games, Johannes Rolf, said: “Throughout 2014 we will continue to invest in technology and to advance media buying and automatic lifetime value optimisation. 

“Predictive behavioural targeting will also be implemented. Furthermore, we will continue to push forward with our expansion in Asia and South America.”

Weih (above right) previously worked as head of online marketing at GameGenetics, where he built the RTB, Facebook marketing and SEM departments. Prior to that, he grew his expertise from the perspective of a publisher and developer at Gameforge.

Djureen (above left), who will focus on expanding the RTB segment at ad2games, was previously at Electronic Arts, where he created the performance marketing team in San Francisco and successfully marketed free-to-play titles. With a specific focus on RTB, he has more than 11 years of marketing experience.

In China and Korea ad2games already partners with publishers such as Nexon and ChangYou. Rolf said today’s announcement continues the internationalisation strategy that was previously implemented by opening an office in San Francisco in 2013.

Ad2games’ revenues have increased 650% since the company’s acquisition by HitFox and the company plans to grow its team from 60, to 80 professionals, during 2014. HitFox also has an office in Seoul, South Korea.