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LinkWiper Launches to Tackle Search Reputation
Image Credit  Schlüsselbein2007

LinkWiper Launches to Tackle Search Reputation


Companies can fall foul of negative publicity in Google when they rank among pages that are harmful to their image, a situation automated reputation management service LinkWiper aims to resolve.

If you are a dentist and are ranking near a negative review, for example, you can input the search keywords that produced these results into LinkWiper and then mark the negative result you want dealt with.

Once payment has been taken, the negative result is buried to a later search engine results page in Google where it is less visible and therefore less harmful to the company’s credibility.

Orders can all be managed automatically through the tool’s members’ area where it is possible to view position-monitoring analytics, which are updated daily, and the progress of each task ordered.

LinkWiper may not be free, but the company behind the tool states that rates are competitive when compared to an agency.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

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