A/B testing may be advantageous in allowing retailers to road test changes to a website, but customer experience management platform, Qubit, has found it is also losing firms large sums of cash.

Online retailers are contributing to a total deficit of up to $13 billion a year because of poorly implemented A/B testing methodologies, according to new Qubit research.

Despite such retailer oversights, when executed correctly split testing can have almost immediate benefits as Qubit’s data discovered a 12% rise in sales, totalling $13bn across the global revenue of US companies.

Shooting in the dark

When asked about some businesses’ lackadaisical approach to a/b testing, Qubit CEO, Graham Cooke, revealed that they would almost be better opting for a trial and error approach to site tweaks.

“Optimising website performance is a top priority for advanced online retailers and testing is a vital part of making sure that optimisation strategies are effective,” Cooke said.

“However, if your testing is flawed then you might as well make changes at random in the hope that they’ll succeed”

Qubit has provided an infographic with tips to help any businesses who are struggling to kick their testing ritual into gear.