The new photo sharing platform that is sweeping the nation is called The site which began as a small web-start up now boasts a huge 6 million users and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

What is Piccing?

Piccing allows you to explore, discover and share all your passions and inspirations on one simple photo sharing platform. What really makes Piccing stand out, is that these photos can be turned into reality with the sites real-time monetising feature.

Founded in March 2011 in Palo ALto, California, Piccing is the creation of European internet entrepreneurs Dick Spielmann and Nikolaj Zethraeus, along with help from Peter Wolf, a publisher and trend scout.

Having expanded into the developing hub of Cape Town in 2013, the company reported they were receiving over 1.2 million unique visits a month and have now opened up a new pan-European office in Berlin, Germany.

How Does it Work?

As a social network, it is best described as a cross between Evernote and Pinterest, as the platform allows you to find your own images across the web and then show them all on your own “Piccboards”. Like-minded individuals can then come together and share their inspirations with each other.

Using Piccing, members of the site can give each other suggestions and tips on a huge range of categories including fashion, lifestyle, restaurants, locations and more. The site is likely to be popular with those looking for travelling ideas as there is nothing more enticing than a picture of a sun soaked beach to make you book a holiday abroad. The fashion industry will also be able to use the platform to its advantage by suggesting a range of outfits for different occasions.

What makes Piccing such a potential game changer in the social ecommerce realm, is the “Picc it! Live it!” tool, which works as a match and buy process. Once you have selected pictures and images that interest you, Piccing will then display similar items in a variety of brands and prices for you to choose from, as well as linking you to the best place to purchase them.

How Can Brands Embrace the Platform?

Piccing provides a great opportunity for brands, as the platform offers not only the opportunity to promote products and services, but it also gives brands a link from the product or service back to their site, so that customers can make a purchase straight away.

The potential for brand campaigns using the picture sharing site is huge, with brands being able to create boards of their products categorised around events or seasons and entice customers using discounts and deals or even create boards specifically for their sale items.

Large companies, such as Puma, have already seen the potential in the social network and the sporting goods company has already “picc’d” over 12,500 images of its products that all link back to its online store. The latest figures from Piccing also show that the site is receiving 80,000 to 100,000 new users registering each day which provides a great audience for big brands.

What Next?

The company has also hinted that in the near future Piccing users will also be able to earn money from the site themselves based on a recommendation basis. If they suggest a product to a friend who then buys it, they will then receive a commission.

The future of Piccing is looking incredibly bright, with the social network set to change the face of ecommerce and become a big player in the world of social media. Future plans include a larger product base as well as a curated lifestyle blog, with these in place there may be no stopping its ongoing success. 


Piccy has informed PerformanceIN that the it recently reached a new landmark in the number of people using the social network.