Using a tailored Paid Search marketing strategy, Net Media Planet stepped outside of traditional discount marketing methods and achieved fantastic success for Papa John’s, the pizza delivery company.

Papa John’s appointed paid search and display advertising agency, Net Media Planet, to increase the company’s reach and refresh its digital marketing approach. Net Media Planet adopted a strategy with a difference.

In an industry saturated with discounting, the agency instead took inspiration from the real-life restaurant experience and came up with a digital translation. The creative strategy saw successful results for Papa John’s and was awarded a Performance Marketing Award in 2013.


Rated the UK’s third largest pizza delivery company, Papa John’s operates in a highly competitive market that is dominated by promotions and discount offers. The company wanted to move away from discounting but needed to maintain volume and market share. 

As the brand’s specialist paid search and display advertising agency, Net Media Planet developed a new approach. The agency considered that when people who are hungry and don’t want to cook and are searching for pizza, they are more susceptible to appetite-inducing messages. The agency’s strategy was focused on tapping into the hungry customer mind-set, with a compelling message at the right time and place.

Through their proprietary Mercury technology platform, Net Media Planet was able to conduct sophisticated targeting, optimisation and analysis. Campaigns were set up and optimised separately on desktop, tablet and mobile in order to reach various targets – people at work, on the move commuters and people at home. 

Customers’ responses to varying promotions of a wide range of side orders were analysed by geography, time of day and nature of device, establishing the most potent product combinations.


Remarkably, sales increased without any discount or pricing incentive at all. The campaign was an unqualified success. Comparing the results of this campaign against promotional-based activity, average order value grew by 10% on desktop and 12% on mobile. Most importantly, we increased bottom-line profit per marketing £1 spent by 75.2% on desktop and 139% on mobile.

Andrew Gallagher, marketing director of Papa John’s UK, said: “Through their creative and lateral thinking, Net Media Planet has delivered an effective new way of generating sales whilst reducing the need to discount. It’s a powerful weapon to have in our marketing armoury. This kind of innovative thinking is what makes them such a great agency to work with.”