Drawing on a network of 100,000 publishers, content discovery platform, Outbrain, has analysed how users around the world are consuming content on smartphones and tablets.

In the three English-speaking countries Outbrain has insights for, hourly mobile consumption peaks at midday. In France it is 1pm, the same time when accounting for time difference, whereas in Germany it is 9pm.

Hardware choices follows a similar trend in most European countries. Spain was found to have the least amount of content consumed on a tablet, just 32% compared to Germany’s continent-topping 41%.

Android vs iOS

Another notable trend was how the US, UK and Australia all appear to favour iOS for their content consumption needs, according to Outbrain Europe’s managing director, Simon Edelstyn.

“No matter which country they live in, people want to consume their content on the go, wherever they are and whatever they are doing,” Edelstyn said.

“While there are definitely some worldwide similarities in mobile consumption there are also some interesting differences such as the prevalence of iOS in English speaking countries, and Android elsewhere.”

Scroll down and you will find an infographic with more of Outbrain’s mobile consumption findings.