Local deals publisher, vouchercloud, continues its global expansion with the announcement that it has rolled out its money-saving app in South Africa.

The launch has been assisted by Vodacom, part of Vodafone, with a number of advertisers already signed up at launch including Edgars, Jet, Makro, Game, Planet Fitness, Doppio Zero, Nu Metro Cinemas, McDonalds, Adega, Billabong and Pizza E Vino.

Vouchercloud has stated that while the app was developed in conjunction with Vodacom, it will be available for smartphone users on any of South Africa’s other networks. However, Vodacom customers will receive exclusive deals.

Radio advertising

With the mobile phone network’s backing, vouchercloud now has the funding to finance radio advertising worth more than £1 million, which will be coupled with an internal marketing campaign aimed at Vodacom’s 52 million subscribers.

PerformanceIN understands that fast-moving consumer goods will be offered on a closed-loop redemption basis, which means that all voucher codes will be tracked back to the original supplier.

South Africans are no strangers to similar advancements in agile commerce, with WiGroup announcing that it successfully trialled an NFC payment and coupon solution in the country last year.

Millions of users

Overseeing the launch will be Lyndon Munetsi, managing director of vouchercloud South Africa, who revealed that in the first three years of the app’s existence, the international user base has grown into the millions.

“Since vouchercloud launched in the UK back in 2010, it has become the leading consumer app in Europe with over six million active users in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland. South Africa is the first emerging market to launch vouchercloud,” Munetsi said.

Performance marketing in South Africa is still in an early stage of development, a fact vouchercloud is hoping to capitalise on by reaching number one status for mobile app and website within months.