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Network Reveals Stats on Axed Publishers and Their ‘Deceptive Practices’
Image Credit Marzie

Network Reveals Stats on Axed Publishers and Their ‘Deceptive Practices’


Affiliate Window has released new figures to show the level of publisher dismissals and application rejections on its performance marketing network.

On average the company registers between 30-50 new publisher submissions in a day. Across 2013, more than 14,000 publishers attempted to sign up to Affiliate Window, but only 60-70% were successful on any given day.

Throughout the whole of last year, 154 publishers, generating less than 0.12% across the network, were removed for various offences. Being a UK-based network, that is where the majority, unsurprisingly, came from, with the US placing second.

Withheld payments

Affiliate Window states the majority of payments were withheld from offending affiliates, which means that for every £1,000 the network paid in commission, £12 would not be paid because of a compliance breach.

The network charges £5 as a joining fee to deter publishers considering joining for the purposes of malpractice. Invite codes are distributed too and 10% of publishers sought one, which Affiliate Window believes is proof that the £5 charge is a successful deterrent.

Deceptive practices was the main reason for a publisher being suspended by Affiliate Window. These publishers promote an advertiser to deceive a network, for example, false sales where sales are generated that are not genuine.

PPC violation

Other than deceptive practices, there are still some that try their hand at PPC violation, registering multiple accounts, adware and domain squatting, only to be found guilty by Affiliate Window and slapped with a suspension.

Again, as Affiliate Window operates in the UK, 59% of publisher removals occurred here. The US was second and Canada third, but a number of other countries also had a mention including China, Morocco, Russia, Serbia and India.

You can read more about Affiliate Windows efforts in its recently released compliance white paper.

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Simon Holland

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