Hundreds of shops, a multitude of comparison shopping engines and group buying services providing almost unlimited choice is is the German market in a nutshell and Quelle, an online shop selling clothing, accessories, household equipment, garden accessories, sports articles and multimedia is a part of that.


To reach a specific group of internet users with a chosen advertisement. As a product of this there needs to be an increase in sales figures for Quelle through the online channel.

“The high saturation of the German internet market leads to difficulties in keeping users interested in products they have already seen in a particular shop,” emphasises Tanja Puchler from Quelle.

“We decided to use personalised retargeting, as we wanted to fully exploit the potential of a web user that was interested in Quelle’s products, but gave up a purchase.” 


In the campaign Quelle made use of personalised retargeting – a solution that allows advertisements to be served and tailored to individual purchase intentions of web users, their preferences and search history.

In practice, if a user has spotted a red dress at Quelle’s online shop, but did not buy it and left the website, for a few subsequent days benners advertising this very red dress were displayed. In addition, other ads with similar features and price tags would be shown.

Campaign duration: Two months

Step by step procedure:

  • A user visited Quelle and saw some products but did not make a purchase and left the online shop’s website.
  • Over several subsequent days, RTB House displayed the user-personalised banner adverts with Quelle products that had previously been seen and other products from the same store.
  • After clicking on the advertising banner, the user was redirected to Quelle’s website.
  • As a result, the user bought a product from Quelle’s range.


While carrying out the campaign, RTB House decided, together with Quelle, to optimise their activities. The two resolved to modifying the pricing rate in the CPC model. Thanks to the display company’s in-house developed optimisation algorithms, it managed to achieve lower effective conversion cost for the Quelle in a very short time.


  • 30 million displays of Quelle’s creations
  • 74 000 clicks on advertisements of this shop
  • Daily conversion rate at 3-4%
  • Average conversion rate at 2.5%


According to Tanja Puchler from Quelle, personalised retargeting is one of the most effective solutions available for e-shops .

“Right from the start, it was very important for us to effectively bounce traffic back to the website.,” Puchler said. “With the highly technologically advanced solution from RTB House in place, the results were even better than we had expected.”