eHarmony are diversifying their affiliate base, offering exciting incentives and bespoke commission packages through their affiliate programme and online channels.

Name: eHarmony

Contact: Melanie Scheibner


Give us an overview of eHarmony and the affiliate programme?

eHarmony UK is a personalised dating service, which delivers highly compatible matches  for a more tailored dating experience. We take the time to get to know our members, discovering their character, beliefs and values so that we understand what makes them who they are, so we can match them with other singles that they can click with. eHarmony members can review their matches for free, plus when you complete our Relationship Questionnaire you receive a free Personality Profile. We frequently run TV ads which positively impacts our online channels, including the affiliate programme. Creative gets updated regularly and we supply you with all materials you will need. But if you can’t find the right image or email template, get in touch and we will look into it for you. We believe a good relationship with our affiliates is the best way to a successful programme!

We also have affiliate programmes in the US, Canada and AU.

What resources does eHarmony offer its affiliates?

We have recently taken our affiliate programme in-house through the hire of Melanie Schiebner, an affiliate manager with extensive experience within the world of digital marketing, to re-launch the programme. This means that there is now one experienced point of contact for all affiliates. As well, a key focus for Melanie is building personal relationships with affiliates moving forward.

The re-launch includes alignment of creative with all online channels; there will be more flexibility with commission increases going forward. Exciting incentives are offered to affiliates to earn bonuses and extra commission if they promote eHarmony. By signing up to the eHarmony UK programme you can earn commissions, Commissions will only be paid out for UK registrants to the UK site and commissions are not paid on customer renewals. For more details please join our affiliate programme through Affiliate Window.

Are there any exciting developments coming up for eHarmony?

With over 30% of our traffic coming from mobile we are about to implement mobile affiliate tracking and plan a big push for launch of tracking. Assumed live date will be March 2014.

This in turn means there is a great opportunity to promote the eHarmony mobile site, as this is an interesting area of growth in the industry. In fact, recent research shows that more than half of online daters (52%) now use a smart phone to interact with their online dating service, and one in three use a tablet computer.

What puts eHarmony ahead of their competitors?

eHarmony is a relationship site, attracting single people who are looking for something more meaningful out of a dating experience. As a result new users of the service are usually aware of its unique offering and those looking for a relationship could be more likely to sign up and generate subscription sales. This can mean higher commissions for affiliates.

The online dating industry is one that has seen consistently steady growth over the last five years. The good news is that this is set to continue, with new eHarmony research finding that by 2031 over 50% of couples will meet online. As the market continues to grow, so will the desire to find a match that suits the individual, as a personalized service we deliver just the right matching service for our users.

Which demographic of affiliate can benefit from running your programme, and what tips can you give to aid affiliates who start using the eHarmony affiliate programme?

Any business model can join the affiliate programme, we are flexible and are looking to expand our affiliate base to more diverse models, e.g. email, mobile, comparison, and many more.

eHarmony can offer bespoke commission packages for content sites to support affiliates, and are happy to work on tiers to reward exceptional performance of affiliates. A top tip – we often find that especially longer term subscriptions work well, focusing on those will help affiliates to drive more sales and earn higher commissions.

We have a strong focus on content and are always interested in hosting our blog posts on affiliate sites or the other way round.

Can an affiliate obtain exclusive voucher codes for their users? If so, how should they go about it?

Yes absolutely. We have exclusive codes available and will be able to offer these to affiliates who have previously driven traffic to our site.

Whilst we aren’t a discount brand by nature, we are aware that everyone likes “a little extra”. Therefore we have developed exclusive codes that will be used strategically.

If an affiliate would like to discuss the opportunities for an exclusive discount code, they should get in touch with Melanie to find out more.

Anything else our readers should know?

We have strong online channels, facebook and twitter audience growing fast. We’re also interested in discussing direct partnerships. Fitting brands for peak times are welcome to get in touch.