Digital marketing and advertising giant, US-based ValueClick Media, has consolidated its portfolio of brands under one new name – Conversant.

The NASDAQ-listed firm has decided to group its businesses, such as affiliate network Commission Junction, Dotomi, ValueClick Media, Greystripe and Mediaplex, under the one main name.

Its ticker symbol has also changed from VCLK to CNVR.

Late last year PerformanceIN reported on the company’s plans to re-brand in 2014, which were announced during its strong Q3 results.

The 1998-founded business, which is headquartered in California, said the rebrand reflects its new focus on providing an ‘integrated marketing personalisation platform’.

In the US the ValueClick Media, Greystripe, Mediaplex and Dotomi brands have been integrated into the new brand.

Commission Junction (CJ) outside of the US will continue to operate under its current brand with the support of CJ Affiliate by Conversant.

Due to the scope of the project, and the breadth of the international markets CJ operates in (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Korea), all of which have different language requirements and digital marketing landscapes, CJ will roll out the new brand market by market.

It plans to launch Conversant internationally by September 2014. Until then, the company’s different brands will continue to operate under their distinct brand names in the UK and other international markets.


Conversant said it has been working over the last year to unite all of the ValueClick family of businesses into a ‘single marketing powerhouse’.

President and CEO of Conversant, John Giuliani, said: “Now with one new brand everyone can see how our people and technology are working together to deliver the smartest personalisation strategies and solutions for marketers.

“Our expertise in digital marketing is unparalleled, and as Conversant, we will lead the future of the industry through personalisation.”

Giuliani said the new name and logo were chosen to highlight the company’s ability to generate engagement around digital ads and learn from the resulting offline and online conversations between brands and individuals.

Conversant’s ‘solutions’ fall under three subsections; Enterprise Solutions, Media Solutions and CJ Affiliate Solutions. The former Commission Junction is now known as CJ Affiliate by Conversant.

Conversant has also released ‘What’s Driving Marketing in 2014’, a report that found 77% of marketers agreed individualised messages can be more effective than mass messages. Yet nearly half do not think they have the expertise to implement personalised programmes.

It was only last month that PI also reported news of another global performance marketing business, Matomy, deciding to fold services of one of its other companies, MediaWhiz, into the main company.

In a recent guest piece on PI, director of media sales at Matomy Media Group, Shir Ross, said: “There is a growing trend towards segmentation that should and will be offset in the coming months by a wave of industry consolidation, which has been picking up pace over the last year.”

“Consolidation is necessary because it will enable more publishers to establish cohesive media monetisation plans that tap into opportunities across a variety of media channels.”

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