Companies will stop at nothing until a website is a perfectly oiled machine for customers, a fact SessionCam likely considered when it took mobile journey analysis to a new level by capturing the gestures made before a purchase.

Marketers can use SessionCam to view an action replay of how tablet and smartphone users interact with their website. Gestures such as pinch and zoom, tap, double tap, swipe, scroll and tilt are all highlighted in the replay videos.

The insights SessionCam uncovers can be used to identify and solve usability issues, improve conversion, enhance customer support and reduce the time and cost involved in the diagnosis of problems.

Concern for mobile optimisation

Mobile sales will grow and Kevin Goodings, CEO of SessionCam, feels companies will become more intent on squeezing every last sale out of their mobile website.

“Many e-business managers are concerned that their website is not properly configured for mobile visitors, even though they have invested heavily in mobile-specific websites or adopted responsive design techniques that cater to smartphones and tablets,” Goodings revealed.

“Some companies have not figured out how to test usability for mobile visitors, while others have not assessed conversion issues specifically for mobile devices.”

The IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, a report on shopping forecasts, underlines the growth in mobile. It has the UK contributing to a 138% rise in online retail sales via smartphones and tablets in 2013 when compared to 2012. Tablets made up 82% of these gains.


SessionCam starts working on a website when a JavaScript tag is added to the HTML code. Companies can then pinpoint common usability issues like tiny text fields, unresponsive buttons and “calls to action” that are too small.

Clarks is one business, with a growing number of mobile consumers, according to Mark Carlock, web analytics manager at C&J Clark International, the shoemakers’ parent, that is already using SessionCam to prevent customers abandoning a cart before checkout.

“Visits to our website from users with mobile devices represent an increasingly significant and valuable segment of our customer base,” Carlock said.

“Using SessionCam, we’ve gained new visibility into the unique behavior of our mobile customers. We’ve translated these insights into meaningful enhancements that improve the experience and effectiveness of our website for mobile users.”